How I Spent My Summer Vacation. PMFF Returns

I’m Baaaack…
If you thought I’d retired or had perhaps been eaten alive by the 17-year cicadas, sorry to disappoint ya.

Fact is, I needed to take a brief step away from the keyboard to tend to a few real-life circumstances, but I’m back, rarin’ to once again jump into the hockey blog fray with both skates (while desperately trying not to fall on my ass, ‘cuz, I kinda resemble a newborn calf on ball-bearings whenever I try to skate).

At any rate, I’ll be returning to a regular once (or more) posts per week routine, beginning later this week; summarizing the Nashville Predators’ somewhat tumultuous offseason, along with my commentary and projections for the upcoming 2011-12 campaign.

Thanks to those who continued to check up on me throughout my unannounced absence, but here’s to the many interesting turns that no doubt lie ahead for Music City’s new favorite professional sports team.

From the impending contract extension of Nashville’s all-world defenseman, Shea Weber to the anticipation of stratospherically-touted rookie blueliner, Ryan Ellis, there’ll be LOTS to talk about in the weeks to come.

I look forward to interacting with you here in comments, and as always, on Twitter and now on Google+ as well.

Could this be the year for the Nashville Predators? Stick around and find out!


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