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Same Blog, New AJenda.
If this isn’t your first visit to my Nashville Predators blog, you’re probably wondering why I decided to change the name. I can answer that in a couple ’a ways.

Since discovering blogging in 2004, I’ve discovered how much I love to write, and moreover, how I love to make people smile. However, the greater immediacy of more recent social media tools like Facebook and Twitter have really drawn that latter characteristic out in me; it’s made it now literally a part of who I am. Whether it’s a painfully corny joke or just a word of encouragement to one of my friends, making people smile — or at least trying to — is truly what makes my blood flow. You see, I am, and likely always will be, a kind-of wise-cracker at heart; particularly so when I’m sitting behind a keyboard. Oh I can talk alright, but I’ve always done my best communicating via the written word. And the turning of a phrase is pretty much my favorite thing to do while telling a story — or naming one.

So if you’re familiar with my other blog, my personal one (which not-so-coincidentally, I guess, has a title that was, in essence, a joke at the time it was created), you know that a lot of the subject matter I deal with in that space isn’t exactly what you’d term, ‘laugh-a-minute’ material. Much of what I write about on AYBABTU is more than a bit on the serious/poignant side of things. So it seemed like a natural challenge, when I decided to do a hockey blog, to make it  a little more whimsical.

This blog’s original title, Pull My (Fang)Finger was intended to be, in all honesty, a joke — and an inside Predators joke at that — aimed at (hopefully) drawing a few laughs from some of my fellow Preds fans. It was particularly targeted at those who at the time were authors of the then-miniscule number of Preds blogs in wide circulation. When PMFF limped onto the scene on September 15, 2009,  my first post was a parody lampooning the Nashville hockey community’s public enemy #1 at the time, Blackberry billionaire, Jim Balsille; the man who would have whisked our team away to Hamilton, Ontario back in 2007 had NHL Commissioner, Gary Bettman, not stepped in. It was a fun way to start, but soon thereafter I began to realize how daunting an all-out humor blog might be; and while I’ve certainly never turned away the opportunity to let my goof-flag fly in many of my stories since, I found that my blog’s content and its moniker were growing less and less congruent, to the point that now, someone reading it for the first time might really be scratching their head wondering what exactly the point of this place really is.

I guess my problem is that being a goofball on the one hand, on the other I’m given to a sizable serious side, which in my heart of hearts is really, whom I consider myself to be; it’s the other side of my personality’s proverbial coin. I like to make people smile and to make them think, because I do a HELLUVA lot of thinking myself, and I believe we all should do more. That being said, I tend to write long, thoughtful pieces, whether the content is based on my own life, or in this space, dealing with the Predators, which so many of us here in Nashville now consider to be a part of our own families.

And therein lies the face-wash…

It’s not that I’ve decided to give up trying to make you smile, but rather, in the realization that I’ve gotten so much more mileage out of this blog than I ever thought I would from a storytelling perspective, I’m thinking that maybe the inside joke has grown a little stale by now. I once considered myself the court jester of Predators bloggers, and in all likelihood, I probably always will be. But perhaps it’s time to lose the clown shoes and the whoopie cushion; maybe it’s time to flush the toilet humor. Maybe it’s time to consider the possibility that not everyone who isn’t in junior high appreciates that kind of schtick all the time.

This blog has always been about looking at the Nashville Predators, hopefully from an angle you won’t find in a lot of other places. As I’ve said before, I’m not so much a game analysis kind-of guy, as a game-behind-the-game kind-of observer. I look at things; I think about things, and I write about them, honestly, attempting to address and make sense of the often wacky, hazy, WTF-kind-’o-stuff that sticks in the back of my mind, just as I assume it does in yours.

I have an AJenda — and please don’t roll your eyes at my personalization of the word; my ego is a HEUUGE part of my charm — to call things as I see them; not to parrot the views of someone else. However, when I do offer a borrowed insight, you can be sure I’ll give credit where credit is due while putting my own personal spin on the subject.

While I will always endeavor to keep things light, sometimes we all just need to slog through the muck ‘n mire of emotion to find the answers; and you’ll find no shortage of passion and emotion here. But that’s what makes hockey so great, is it not? It’s so much like life; so dependent on teamwork, chemistry, being honest, and trusting those with whom you go to war every day. However, when victory is attained, there are no regrets; the struggles were all worth it.

Hopefully you’ll consider my typically long-winded yarns worth it as well.

It’s the same blog with a new AJenda.

Thanks for giving me a second look.


AJ in Nashville


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